Uber | Re-Cover | 1L

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Flower Dragon is a new generation of flower booster, with an added bonus.

Rather than just piling on extra phosphorous and potassium through the flowering stage and hoping for the best, Flower Dragon also enhances a plants ability to absorb and utilize these essential elements.

Flower Dragon works with plants to maximize their sensitivity and responsiveness to environmental cues (typically changes in photoperiod).

As a result, plants are better able to quickly and effectively absorb the phosphorus and potassium they need during the all-important flowering stage enabling them to minimize the time taken to shift into flower – ensuring maximum results


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Your secret weapon against the detrimental effects of PGRs. Dramatically restores resin and essential production for a heavier yield of unrivalled quality.

  • Adds flower size and density while reducing excessive hardness
  • Restores essential oil and terpene production for premium tasting and smelling buds
  • Restarts growth and development pathways to revive plant health and flower appearance
  • Contains NO PGRs or harsh chemical agents


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