Grotek | Cal-Max | 23L

$264.99 + tax

Formulated to support profuse blooms and flower production, this concentrated formula requires a low application rate to achieve a high impact on young flower buds. Through a unique phosphorus nutrient complex, this product optimizes conditions for improved fruit and yields.

Commence use during floral initiation before or at bud break. Apply 2-3 times per crop cycle, between bud break and fruit set.




Cal-Max™ works to charge soilless media and bring plants back from common minor nutrient deficiencies resulting from nutrient imbalance, rapid growth, or overly humid conditions. A must for growers using coir based soils. Available nitrogen fuels chlorophyll and protein production to quickly re-green starved plants.  Chelated iron adds more deficiency fighting power for lush green growth. Added calcium helps to improve plant vigor and assist in times of peak growth.



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